Petroleum Terminal Phytoremediation

TRC used cutting-edge phytoremediation technology to replace a marginally-effective system.



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As part of the decommissioning, demolition, and redevelopment of this Marine Terminal property, TRC took on the environmental remediation of GRO, DRO, BTEX and chlorinated hydrocarbons present in groundwater. The previously-installed in situ remedial system was marginally effective and the contamination plume had extended off-site.

To replace the previously-installed groundwater pump and treat system, TRC designed, permitted, and installed a phytoremediation system. This approach used approximately 600 trees to control groundwater transport and treat the soil and groundwater. This system proved effective after one year of operation and was compatible with the operations of the site’s new owner. TRC continues to monitor the groundwater at this site.

The trees have a net positive carbon footprint relative to the previous system, allowing this approach to receive regulatory and community acceptance and benefit the client and the environment.

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