North Little Rock Terminal – TreeWell® System

Phytoremediation installation offsets environmental impacts.




Project Location

North Little Rock, AR

Site investigations following detection of gasoline fumes in the facility office building revealed a small leak in the prover loop releasing product into the facility subsurface. Remedial actions over the next 25+ years removed the majority of the released materials with only marginal amounts recovered since 2004 but small amounts of residual hydrocarbons remained in the subsurface. Surrounding petroleum impacted groundwater from the north, west and south of the site continue to migrate onto the terminal property prolonging/compounding cleanup.

To address the residual hydrocarbons and meet the Maximum Containment Levels (MCLs) developed for the site TRC designed and implemented a patented TreeWell® System. This technology is a green remedial alternative that continuously controls groundwater gradient and enhances biodegradation of groundwater by targeting tree root uptake. This remedial technology can be incorporated with a risk-based closure for a thorough and more protective cleanup solution. The TreeWell® System is also not susceptible to iron fouling issues potentially developing as with other more common remedial technologies due to high iron levels in the groundwater.

The phytoremediation system offsets environmental impacts carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions as compared to the operation of more common mechanical systems. The installed trees also remove additional CO2 from the atmosphere by natural carbon dioxide CO2 uptake and carbon sequestration. The system is capable of operating long term with minimal O&M costs until the remediation goals have been achieved. By capturing groundwater entering the site as well as leaving the site the system minimizes any future impacts on the terminal property from offsite plume migration.

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