Ventilation and Dust Control Enhancements

TRC provided TreeHouse Foods a plan for how to improve its acquired ventilation systems, as well as a full set of drawings of the existing systems that they did not have before.



TreeHouse Foods

Project Location

Medina, New York

TreeHouse Foods acquired an Associated Brands processing facility in Medina, NY, that had no documentation of its existing ventilation and dust collection systems. They wished to evaluate these acquired systems – housekeeping central vacuum, local exhaust, and supply air (HVAC) – since there were known hygiene and climate issues at the facility. Treehouse also had concerns regarding combustible dust issues. There are more than 25 processing suites, some spanning two stories, and three different housekeeping central vacuum systems snaking throughout them (much of it is above drop ceiling), so organizing and documenting the existing systems presented a challenge.

TRC relied on its experience with similar systems and on its attention to detail to map out the existing ventilation systems. Color was used when there was limited supply air distribution or when it would be difficult for a drawing viewer to determine what unit serves what areas. Once organized, opportunities for improvement were identified. These findings, as well as plan drawings of the three different kinds of ventilation systems, were included in a concise technical memorandum report for TreeHouse Foods to use. TRC also provided recommendations for new dust collectors with provisions for explosion detection and prevention.

TreeHouse Foods was able to prioritize its planned improvements, as well as address “low hanging fruit.” TreeHouse ended up with not only with a plan for how to improve its acquired ventilation systems, but also with a set of drawings of those existing systems that they did not have before.

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