Queens West Exit Strategy® Project

The services provided by TRC at this planned mixed use development in Queens, NY demonstrates the full breadth of TRC’s experience with complex environmentally impaired redevelopment projects.




Project Location

Long Island City, Queens, New York

Formerly a Standard Oil Company refinery and subsequently a Pepsi Cola bottling plant, though all that remains of the Pepsi Cola plant today is a historic fifty foot high landmark sign on the shores of the East River. The property was highly desired by developers due to its location. However, the challenge of addressing contamination from the earlier history of the site as an oil refinery seemed insurmountable with numerous uncertainties about the future cost. The developer needed a reliable cost solution that they could use to evaluate the project redevelopment cost model. The client engaged TRC to handle all issues associated with the environmental contamination liabilities of the site and accepted a true guaranteed fixed price combined with a comprehensive layer of environmental insurance (TRC Exit Strategy©).

The contamination present at the site was widespread. A layer of oil several feet thick extended underground across parts of the site, along with other hazardous chemicals and toxic metals present in the overlying soil. To compound matters, the site is located in a neighborhood with several high rise residential buildings. Excavation of soil potentially represented a massive odor problem because there are residents, schools, churches and community centers all nearby.

TRC designed a cleanup for hundreds of thousands of tons of oil soaked, metal-contaminated soils. Enormous tents were designed to accommodate all of the remediation equipment and construction vehicles fitted with high volume air filtering systems to contain odor. The tents were designed large enough to accommodate all of the remediation equipment and huge construction vehicles plus soil handling operations.

TRC conducted a thorough set of tests at the site and removed a dozen underground storage tanks. Thousands of gallons of oil were vacuumed out from underground. Sheet piling was installed and massive dewatering units were deployed to manage the inflow of water from the East River. Tents were erected to contain the soil removal and transport operation. Special foam emulsions were applied liberally to encapsulate the odor-containing soils. TRC even designed systems to protect the air quality inside the new residential high rise buildings. Over 200,000 tons of contaminated soil were removed from the site. Stage One of the project is complete, and high rise development

is already constructed and occupied. Work continues on Stage Two that will lead to more high rise redevelopment including residential apartments, commercial businesses, parkland, and a possibly a school.

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