Coal Ash Ponds and Landfill Closure

TRC cleaned the coal ash pond system, capped the landfill, and restored the site which aided in the completion of the regulatory closure of the site and significantly reduced the long-term liabilities for the site owner, without disrupting site operations.



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The client operated coal-fired boilers at their facility site for many years, utilizing coal combustion residuals (CCR) ponds to manage the staging and disposal of CCR. These coal-fired units have been retired and the CCR ponds are no longer required. In addition, the client had an on-site landfill that was used as the final disposal site of the CCR.

This 3-year project involved closure of the multiple CCR ponds, with final disposition of the CCR in the on-site 12.5-acre landfill and then closure of the landfill. The CCR ponds encompassed 12 acres and were 18 feet deep. The site also had former waste ponds (previously closed) that were part of the final site restoration activities that encompassed 6.5 acres and were 10 feet deep. TRC completed this project by self-performing the complex project as the remediation contractor.

TRC’s construction management professionals self-performed the excavation of approximately 165,000 cubic yards of CCR from three existing CCR ponds. Prior to removal, the CCR ponds were dewatered effectively. Once dewatered, the CCR was excavated, stabilized, transported, and placed into the on-site landfill.

Upon completion of the CCR removal activities, TRC completed the landfill closure activities which included review of the final cover system design for constructability, establishment of erosion controls, re-grading of the existing side slopes, installation of storm water drainage features, and installation of the final lined cover system, which had been previously approved by the state agency.

Site restoration activities included re-grading five former process water ponds and the three closed CCR ponds to optimize long-term storm water management at the site within construction budgets. Additionally, a new wildlife habitat and wildlife habitat credit was created within the former CCR ponds.

Cleaning the coal CCR pond system, capping of the landfill, and restoring the site completed the regulatory closure at the site and significantly reduced the long-term liabilities for the site owner, without disrupting site operations.

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