Carbon Footprint Development and CDP Reporting

Project provides support for company’s ongoing “green” marketing strategies.



Confidential Pulp and Paper Client

Project Location

Northeast U.S.

Due to the growing interest in greenhouse gas emissions and sustainability from its customers and other stakeholders, this client was requested to submit a Supply Chain Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Report for the past several years. The company looked to TRC to develop a baseline carbon impact characterization in a meaningful, defensible, yet cost effective manner that effectively enabled the company to understand its carbon impact position as a provider of fine quality paper within its competitive marketplace, and to develop a baseline for planning future carbon management strategies. Additionally, the company sought TRC’s aid in the completion and submittal of subsequent CDP reports.

TRC coordinated the collection of site-specific data to use in the development of a carbon footprint and assessed any changes in operations that could impact ongoing sustainability goals. TRC translated the emission estimates from the carbon footprint and incorporated them into the responses to the CDP.

  • Worked with mill personnel to ensure the completeness and accuracy of mill data used to characterize the mill’s carbon impact. Data used in the assessment included production rates, fuel type and usage records, raw material usage and transportation, employee travel, and utility purchases.
  • Utilized the Forest Industry Carbon Assessment Tool (FICATTM) to develop a baseline carbon footprint for the company. Subsequent carbon footprint analyses were conducted annually with the results summarized in a carbon impact report used internally. The report summarized emission trends and evaluated possible causes.
  • Analyzed current mill energy and emission reduction initiatives and provided suggestions and outlined opportunities to reduce its carbon impact.
  • Facilitated the completion of the report. Support included interpreting the results of the carbon footprint analyses, participating in conference calls to review sustainability strategies and progress, and completing sections of the report.

There is a heightened focus on good governance and transparency as part of a robust sustainability strategy for businesses in all industry sectors. Proactive management of carbon risks and opportunities and public disclosure through CDP is one avenue to meet these objectives. This project provided the company with the tools it needed to assess its current carbon impact and develop strategies to support their sustainability goals. Furthermore, this project provided support for the company’s ongoing “green” marketing strategies.

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