Route 9W / Short Clove Road Intersection Relocation

Massive new overpass constructed under TRC’s guidance improves public safety and reduces traffic delays by eliminating dangerous railroad crossing.


New York State Department of Transportation

Project Location

Rockland County, NY

TRC was retained by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) to provide resident engineering inspection services for this complex, $35+ million project which involved a relocation of the existing Route 9W intersection with Short Clove Road and realignment of the intersection of Riverside Avenue with Short Clove Road. The new Route 9W intersection with Short Clove Road was constructed 1,500 feet to the north of the existing intersection and includes a traffic signal and dedicated southbound left turn lane along Route 9W for traffic turning onto Short Clove Road. A total of more than 1,700 feet of new roadway was built, along with approximately 4,700 feet of new retaining walls (T-Wall and post and panel).

The project included two new fly-over box beam bridges to carry Short Clove Road traffic over the CSX railroad tracks before reconnecting to Riverside Avenue. Because of the length and frequency of freight trains on the CSX line, the previous Short Clove Road at-grade crossing was often blocked. The new bridges allowed for the existing dangerous at-grade railroad crossing to be removed. The project also included terraced retaining walls, extensive re-landscaping, major utility relocation, improved drainage, and pavement markings. As part of the project, TRC staff were charged with inspecting construction of the largest and highest MSES wall in State of New York history which exhibits a difference in elevation of 134 feet from its lowest point to its highest.

Inspection of the project was accomplished using a staff of eight (8) that consisted of a Resident Engineer, Chief Inspector, Office Engineer, and five (5) Inspectors. Project administration was accomplished using NYSDOT’s CEES computerized documentation system. Aside from the inspection work, TRC was responsible for reviewing the project’s construction inspection and scheduling updates and providing recommendations to project personnel on activity sequencing and construction methods.

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