Probation Camps Security Enhancements

TRC assessed existing security technologies and developed recommendations for improving security at the four primary Los Angeles County juvenile detention facilities. Each facility consisted of multiple buildings and structures.



Los Angeles County Probation Department

Project Location

Los Angeles, California

A team of TRC consultants assessed existing conditions and capabilities at each site (Central Juvenile Hall, Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall, and Challenger Memorial Youth Center), including the complete discovery, testing, and recording of existing infrastructure throughout the campus. Then a Feasibility Study was developed that included implementation standards for all Los Angeles County Probation Department (LACPD) facilities.

Those standards were applied to improvements at all four primary facilities.

This resulted in a recommendation for a $43-million facility technology upgrade establishing an integrated detention security and command environment that would support current and future development with minimum of cost and complexity.

The comprehensive needs were categorized and prioritized into “Baseline” and various additional improvement phases.

TRC also provided a design for the Baseline Phase improvements, with a total budget of $11 million. This multi-phased, multi-site project required the design team to manage all aspects of design with various sites moving through the phases of design, from conceptual to systems testing, in stages.

The systems have been installed, integrated, and programmed. TRC is now in the testing and record drawings phase of this project. Our engineers meet regularly with the architect, general contractor, and systems integrator to review the installation and ensure that all systems operate in an integrated fashion, as designed and specified. Record drawings (As-Builts) are also being produced to finalize this project.

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