Nodine Hill Neighborhood Revitalization

TRC provided traffic, environmental and site engineering services for the City of Yonkers in support of their revitalization program for the Nodine Hill community.



City of Yonkers Department of Planning & Development

Project Location

Yonkers, New York

Nodine Hill represents a local community in need of urban renewal strategies that improve the residential and local commercial land uses while preserving and enhancing the neighborhood “feel” of this section of Yonkers, which is adjacent to a redeveloping downtown.

TRC performed Traffic/Transportation and Infrastructure/Utility Engineering sevices as part of the comprehensive planning program that was developed for the Nodine Hill area. Traffic engineering services included a detailed evaluation of existing physical and operational roadway conditions, pedestrian amenities, mass transit operations, and parking conditions. In addition, TRC examined the impact of the proposed rehabilitation on the Nodine Hill area, in accordance with the Nodine Hill Master Plan and Urban Renewal Plan. TRC also performed other associated engineering services that included Air Quality and Noise Analyses, Hazardous Material Evaluation, and an Infrastructure Assessment.

An additional component of the services provided by TRC involved an evaluation of access and rehabilitation needs associated with Cochran Park, a local public amenity that was under-utilized by the community. Services included conceptual access plans, park layout, and location and cost estimates for a new recreation building at the park’s northern end.

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