New Jersey Pay for Performance Program

An innovative program incentivizing commercial and industrial consumers to commit to deep energy savings and above-code building performance.



New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

Project Location

New Jersey

For a comprehensive, whole-building approach to saving energy, the New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) offers its consumers with large facilities a Pay for Performance Program (Program). TRC designed and administers the Program, which helps consumers identify and implement holistic building energy efficiency solutions and provides a sliding scale of financial incentives based on the depth of efficiency commitments and steps achieved.

The Program supports a range of projects:

  • Existing Buildings: Commercial and industrial consumers using a minimum of 200 kW and multifamily consumers using a minimum of 100 kW annually, who commit to saving 15% or more on building energy consumption.
  • New Construction: Commercial, industrial, and multifamily buildings with a minimum of 50,000 square feet of planned conditioned space or buildings undergoing substantial renovation, who commit to a building performing 15% better than the current energy code.

Program participants select their preferred technical partner from an approved network, and partners provide comprehensive energy efficiency support through the project lifecycle. If the project is an existing building, partners conduct a whole-building energy audit and support financing and implementation of selected improvements. If the project is new construction, partners provide design assistance and financing and implementation support.

As a participant in the Program, Panasonic Corporation benefited from expert energy efficiency guidance and $440,000 in financial incentives to support its new sustainably designed headquarters in Newark, New Jersey. The office tower incorporated smart technologies like LED lighting and lighting controls, efficient HVAC, and hot water boilers, earning Panasonic LEED Platinum certification for the building and delivering $114,000 in energy cost savings annually. 

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