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For over a decade, TRC has been the California Investor Owned Utilities' lead Codes and Standards Enhancement implementer.




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California regularly updates its Title-24 building energy efficiency and Title-20 appliance standards, relying on them as two major pathways to achieve the state’s energy efficiency goals. The California Energy Commission (CEC) uses a Codes and Standards Enhancement (CASE) process to develop and vet code change proposals as part of the T24 and T20 adoption process. CASE efforts involve efficiency measures identification, comprehensive technology assessments, market research, and savings potential and cost-effectiveness analysis, before any new code requirement is adopted. 

Since the early 2000s, TRC has been assisting the California investor-owned utilities (IOUs) with CASE analysis—identifying, evaluating, and developing cost-effective code requirements. TRC works collaboratively with industry stakeholders to conduct market research, technical evaluations, and savings potential studies to inform adoption of proposed codes and standards measures.

TRC has helped the IOUs and the CEC take large efficiency strides as a direct result of these CASE efforts. Recent work includes:

  • Title-24 code measures for residential building envelope, residential and nonresidential indoor and outdoor lighting, daylighting controls, HVAC equipment efficiency, economizers and controls, water heating system efficiency, solar PV, demand response, and refrigeration, among others.
  • Title-20 appliance standards for products such as commercial dryers and ovens, radiant heaters, and outdoor luminaires, among others.

CASE efforts result in significant energy, cost, and environmental benefits, and have a significant impact in moving California towards a clean energy economy. For example, the 2013 Title-24 code updates are projected to reduce electric energy use by 555 GWh, gas use by 7 million therms, and peak electrical demand by 148 MW.

California efficiency codes and standards have also paved the way for other states seeking to improve their regulatory mechanisms, and TRC has served as an ambassador to other utilities seeking to engage in the codes process at local and federal levels.

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