CEC PIER Daylighting and Productivity Studies

TRC conducted a series of studies to research the interaction of daylighting and human performance in schools, retail environments, and offices.



California Energy Commission

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TRC conducted these studies as part of the Daylighting and Productivity PIER Program, funded by the California Energy Commission.

This groundbreaking research quantified how skylights can affect sales at a chain retail store; how daylight, view, and glare conditions in classrooms can impact student learning; and how windows and visual comfort conditions can relate to office worker performance. These productivity studies used various metrics such as retail sales, student test scores, average call handling times in a call center and other memory and cognitive test scores to carefully develop correlations between human productivity and indoor environmental conditions.

The study found that:

  • Visual conditions such as daylight, glare and view along with the acoustic environment were important factors in predicting how well students learn in schools
  • Views out a window, ventilation status, and air temperature had an impact on worker productivity in office spaces
  • Daylight from skylights in retails stores significantly impacted sales over those without skylights.

For more information, read the complete Daylighting and Productivity Studies:

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