Tanners Creek Plant Coal Ash Pond Closure

TRC revised the preliminary grading for the pond closures to reduce the volume of coal ash needing to be moved by approximately 700,000 cubic yards.



American Electric Power Service Corporation

Project Location

Lawrenceburg, IN

In preparing to decommission the Tanners Creek Power Plant, American Electric Power Service Corporation (AEP) contracted with TRC to prepare a closure plan for their coal combustion residuals (CCR) ponds. The Tanners Creek Power Plant came on-line in 1951 with its first power generating unit and eventually had a generating capacity of approximately 1,000 MW with the addition of three units. The Tanners Creek Plant had two active CCR ponds and areas of historical ash placement. The total areal extent was approximately 160 acres.

TRC addressed significant challenges associated with the Tanners Creek Plant CCR pond closure project, including project schedule, unknown regulatory requirements, and site constraints. TRC reviewed a database of historical design documents to identify critical data gaps required for the pond closure design. TRC performed a targeted subsurface exploration, designed the CCR pond closure, estimated construction costs, and developed permit documents under an aggressive schedule (less than 6 months including client reviews). Within this timeframe, TRC developed preliminary design through final design while helping AEP navigate poorly defined regulatory requirements and accommodating a large client review team. The site contained several constraints, including containment berms along the Ohio River and Tanners Creek, railroad lines and spurs, overhead electric lines, underground utilities, aboveground storage tanks, aboveground CCR slurry pipes, an active landfill, areas of historic CCR placement, and an operating power generation plant.

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