CEC Energy Use & Cultural Patterns Research

As a leading energy authority in the state, the California Energy Commission (CEC) seeks to better understand multifamily building tenants and craft effective energy efficiency initiatives. The CEC is using this research to explore how tenants’ energy use is impacted by whole-building retrofits and if their energy use correlates with demographic factors. 



California Energy Commission

Project Location


TRC is partnering with PG&E and multifamily tenants participating in PG&E’s Multifamily Upgrade Program to conduct this research:

  • To determine whether factors such as age, education, income, or nationality predicted energy use behavior, we are reviewing interval meter data and comparing it to tenant demographic data.
  • To assess how behavioral interventions and access to lighting and plug-load devices impacted tenant energy behavior, we are educating tenants on their whole-building retrofits and providing them with energy saving devices.

The CEC can use findings from this research to inform future energy efficiency programs, energy savings potential studies, and demand forecast models. In TRC, the CEC has a trusted partner to help them accomplish such complex research. We are collaborating across a diverse project team, interacting with hundreds of tenant participants, developing research instruments, and analyzing energy use data.

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