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TRC technical reviews give utilities and agencies confidence that their energy efficiency projects deliver strong, cost-effective savings and meet funding criteria and regulatory obligations.




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As utilities and agencies across the U.S. provide financial support and incentives to consumers for energy efficiency projects, they deserve to have confidence that the projects are technically sound and will deliver the energy savings predicted. This is why TRC partners with utilities and agencies, as an independent third-party technical reviewer, to assess efficiency project risk, validate savings, and ensure utilities and clients are investing in worthy projects.

TRC offers technical review of incentive applications, project applications, audit reports, and energy reduction plans and conducts pre/post-installation inspections. We match the right services to our client goals and opportunities, as demonstrated through our work:

  • Pacific Gas & Electric: 25 years of technical reviews, including review of 30 municipal project applications over the last 6 years and review of 2,800 commercial project applications to-date.
  • Southern California Edison: Long-term technical review services, including review of 4,000 commercial project incentive applications and hundreds of community college project incentive applications.
  • New Jersey Board of Public Utilities: Technical reviews for commercial and industrial programs managed by TRC, including review of 275 energy reduction plans, 2,700 audit reports, and tens of thousands of approved and installed projects.
  • SoCal Regional Energy Network: Technical review of incentive applications for cities and local governments, helping them secure financing for municipal facility and infrastructure upgrades.
  • Southern California Gas: Technical review of applications for natural gas savings projects across large commercial and industrial facilities.

TRC has been providing third-party reviews for 30 years, even before it was an industry expectation. As a result, our technical staff offer expansive knowledge about efficiency technologies, savings performance, financial incentives, and regulations—crucial to making the most of clients’ efficiency opportunities. TRC’s qualifications have been validated by the Investor Confidence Project through certification as a Quality Assurance Provider. All technical reviews are completed by TRC in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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