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For eight years, TRC has partnered with Southern California cities to implement energy efficiency projects that save money and enhance community safety.


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Cities, local governments, and institutions across Southern California have numerous properties with the potential for greater energy efficiency and innovative clean energy solutions. Many cities embrace energy improvements as an important aspect of their community service priorities, and seek expert energy and financial support to achieve these goals.

Southern California Edison (SCE) offers a Local Government Partnership Program, which TRC has managed for the last eight years, to assist cities in identifying and implementing energy management solutions. Through the Program, TRC partners with cities to offer customized services at no cost, including:

  • Project Development: TRC conducts ASHRAE or custom audits of city facilities to identify potential projects, such as streetlight and lighting retrofits and HVAC system and controls upgrades. We recommend strategic, diversified projects that are highly cost-effective and likely to be accepted by city councils.
  • Incentives & Financing: TRC advises cities on relevant incentives and financing (e.g., on-bill financing) for the projects, and we prepare applications on behalf of cities to secure financial support.
  • Council Approval: TRC supports city staff in providing testimony and winning city council approval for projects.
  • Construction Management: After project approval, TRC takes on the role of city ‘owner’s representative’ throughout project construction. We develop the scope of work, design specifications, and competitive solicitation materials for project contractors. TRC assists in evaluation, selection, and management of contractors. Through commissioning and verification services, TRC also ensures project savings are fully actualized.

In working with TRC, cities benefit from facility and infrastructure upgrades that reduce their energy costs, enhance resident safety, and position the city as a community leader. Through the Program, TRC has helped cities and other public institutions identify energy efficiency projects worth 16 GWh of annual energy savings or 12,400 tons of CO2 abated. TRC has also assisted cities in securing $2.4 million in incentives for their projects, giving projects a strong average payback of 4-6 years.

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