Fernandez Park



City of Fontana

Project Location

Fontana, CA

The Fernandez Park project involved the construction of a new park for the local community, which included a playground, picnic shelter, restrooms, lighting, maundering sidewalk, parking lot, landscaping, handicap accessibility ramps, storm drain, sewer and street widening improvements, water line installation, perimeter block wall, curbs and gutters, and more.
Fernandez Park started with a perimeter fence surrounding the project site for security and public safety. NPDES and SWPPP measures were placed according to the specifications. Sandbags were installed around the project perimeter at the bottom of a chain link fence line. Erosion control measures were installed. Storm drain inlets were protected with sandbags and straw waddles. This project consisted of rough grading, and removing big rocks and debris. Storm drain (RCP), sewer (4 inch VCP) and water lines were installed according to the approved plans. Electrical conduit was installed for power to the onsite park lighting (base standards), irrigation controller and restroom facility. TRC provided construction management and inspection services.


  • New Park Construction
  • Water Lines and Sewer Relocations
  • Utility Relocation


  •  Construction Management
  • Construction Inspection
  • Utility Coordination

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