2019 Sediments Conference

Monday, February 11th, 2019

New Orleans

Join TRC’s experts at the 2019 Sediment Conference. TRC scientists and engineers have been studying ebullition, sediment and alternate capping and site closure methods for 20+ years.  TRC has been awarded multiple patents for sediment cap designs and has studied and designed remedies for numerous sites. TRC- and client-specific approach, including risk analysis and selection of remedies, results in proven project success.  Stop by our Booth #103 or hear members of the TRC team on the educational program.

Tuesday, February 12 – Track E2: Passive Sampler

  •  ‘Using Passive Pore Water Analysis to Test Apparent Toxicity of PAHs in Sediment’
  •  Poster contributors include: Ted O’Connell, John Rice, and Tom Stolzenburg 

Wednesday, February 13 – Track C6: NAPL and MGP Sites

  •  ‘Remediation of a Former Oil Well, Leaking into Freshwater Lake’
  •   Poster contributors include: Scott Pawlukiewicz, Doug Kilmer, John Rice and Katherine Vater
  •  Ted O’Connell will also serve as a chair for Track D5: Ebullition

Thursday, February 14 – Track E7: Communication and Facilitation with Stakeholders

  •  ‘Innovative Sediment Project Driven by Diverse Stakeholder Requirements’
  •   Poster contributors include: Stacey McAnulty and Barrett Culp
  • ‘Risk Communication Challenges, Opportunities When Emerging Contaminants Are at Issue’
  • Poster contributor: Jenny Phillips