Meet Our People

At TRC, our staff is our most valuable asset. With over 4,100 technical professionals and support personnel at more than 120 offices throughout the U.S., we work together to succeed. We empower every employee to stimulate continuous improvement in all aspects of our business and we promote collaborative teams where each member is treated with respect, encouraged to contribute and recognized for his/her efforts.

Remediation of Contaminated Land

Dave Sullivan on Community Engagement

TRC Senior Project Manager Dave Sullivan discusses the importance of reaching out to all stakeholders on a project- including those impacted in the local community- to ensure buy in and support for the proposed and implemented solution.

Cultural Resources Review

Howard Higgins on Objective Scientific Results

Vice President and Senior Scientist Howard Higgins discusses the importance of third party scientific results to support the best environmental solution for projects.

S.F. Bay Bridge Bypass

Mark Christensen on S.F. Bay Bridge Bypass

Project Manager Mark Christensen discusses TRC’s innovative design and phased work approach to create a temporary bypass structure that allowed traffic to continue flowing while the Oakland Bay Bridge was rebuilt to address damage from the Loma Prieta earthquake.

Holly Street Power Plant Decommissioning

Joel Roberts on Safety and Teamwork

Joel Roberts, Director of Turnkey Construction Services talks about TRC’s role in the demolition of the Holly Street Power Plant in Austin, Texas and how strong teamwork and a commitment to safety have been critical to the project’s success.

Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion

Mike Tyrrell on Environmental Permitting for NY/NJ Pipeline

Mike Tyrrell, TRC’s Linear Project Development Manager, discusses the environmental permitting and compliance monitoring services TRC continues to provide for a project that will bring clean burning natural gas into Manhattan.

Queens West Remediation

Ed Malley on Site Redevelopment in Long Island City, NY

Ed Malley, Vice President, explains TRC’s work to remediate a former petroleum refining and storage site in Long Island City, New York, facilitating its redevelopment for the community.

Orange Grove Power Plant

Joe Stenger on Environmental Design & Permitting

TRC Project Director Joe Stenger explains the challenges of developing the Orange Grove Power Plant in an environmentally sensitive area of San Diego County, California. TRC delivered innovative environmental design and permitting solutions to accelerate the project schedule and help our client achieve long term compliance to operate the plant.

Amorco Terminal

Jonathan Scheiner on Marine Oil Terminal Development

TRC’s scientists and engineers delivered creative, high quality strategies and technical environmental impact assessments to support the development of a marine oil terminal in California. The project will enhance the nation’s energy independence by increasing our ability to ship and receive fuel over water.




"TRC has always been receptive to challenges to the normal school of thought, encouraging staff to explore ideas with other practices, groups or individuals."

In the Civil Engineering practice we serve as the City Engineer for many small municipalities. As such we are able to help shape and better the way of life for cities and towns and allow them to grow in a way that best suits their visions. We provide many designs that impact the necessities in the lives of residents and businesses including water, sewer, roadways, and treatment.

Supporting the delivery of these necessities helps the city or town focus on expanding other important areas of the community. Working at TRC has allowed me a greater range of creativity and a greater sense of ownership within the company.




"What I think really inspires me and others at TRC is the entrepreneurial spirit that is fostered here."

At TRC, we encourage the exchange of ideas at all levels that help our clients achieve their goals. One of the initiatives that I’m proud to be leading here at TRC is our Brownfields Initiative, a way to help spur the redevelopment of blighted land such as old mill properties to help reduce urban sprawl. TRC has managed the assessment and remediation at hundreds of sites in hundreds of communities in the northeast as well as nationally.

I’m sure on your way to work or as you drive along in your community, you pass by some of the properties we helped cleanup and redevelop.




"I am grateful that my company’s culture embraces diversity and places a strong emphasis on social responsibility.

I feel strongly about working for a company that respects the balance between work and home life while still offering opportunities for career advancement. TRC has enabled me to combine a rewarding career while still pursuing my many passions outside of work. Also, when I left my previous employer to join TRC, my focus was almost exclusively on financial compliance.

At TRC I have been able to expand my career by applying my knowledge of financial statements to assist in the operational decision making process.




"The collaborative working environment where your success is everyone’s goal makes TRC a great place to work."

Since joining TRC fresh from college, my career growth has exceeded my expectations. I’m given opportunities to exceed my personal goals and show my value to TRC every day. Projects and client needs are continuously evolving and challenge you to keep pace. The satisfaction from exceeding client expectations is rewarding both personally and professionally.

TRC recognizes the value that individuals bring to our team. Everyone’s differences are respected and appreciated.




"There are many things I like about my career at TRC including the variety of project opportunities and challenges and the opportunity to learn from the many industry experts on TRC’s staff."

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work on many different engineering design projects, for various clients, with many experts in the industry. I also worked on a variety of start-up and energization projects, performing construction supervision, commissioning/testing and outage/energization coordination. After several years of experience, I had the opportunity to manage projects and work as a lead engineer on projects.

I’ve been able to gain a lot of experience in the Power Engineering field over the years, because of the opportunities presented to me.


Energy Efficiency


"In my experience at TRC, management’s interest in developing and mentoring staff has led to significant opportunities and career advancement within the company."

Our clients hire us to help solve their complex problems. In most instances, this requires a significant level of creativity. In my role I have to look at problems from a new perspective. This almost always requires brainstorming sessions and collaboration with my colleagues to come up with new and innovative solutions.

I feel strongly that the work we do impacts not only the local communities where we provide services, but the global community as well.