Transit Safety and Grant Management


Public agencies operating commuter rail, subway, light rail and bus systems are constantly challenged to deliver
transportation services that are safe, reliable, environmentally sound and within budget. Changing regulations, a tight economy and aging infrastructure complicate the attainment of these primary objectives. TRC is your partner in achieving project goals, while satisfying all federal, state and local requirements.

Safety and Security

With 10 years of experience conducting safety audits through the American Public Transportation Association, and significant state and municipal transit safety oversight, security and maintenance program capabilities, TRC is well equipped to deliver results you can rely on.

  • An audit of your current System Safety Program Plan critical elements including:
    • Workplace Safety
    • Passenger & Public Safety
    • Maintenance Programs (Vehicles, Systems, Facilities)
    • Training (Safety and Technical)
    • Operating Rules & Procedures
    • Hazard Management
    • Contractor Safety Management
    • Emergency Management
    • Accident Reporting & Investigation
    • System Change Management
    • Internal Assessment Program
    • Safety Information Management & Analysis
  • A “gap assessment” that compares your current safety programs to the projected requirements to be set forth in new federal legislation.
  • A comprehensive report that summarizes the initial assessment, identifies areas of concern, provides recommendations to address compliance and develops a systematic, risk based strategy to implement improvements based on priorities and effective resource utilization

 Grant Writing and Management Services


TRC’s grant writing experts can help you obtain grant money for your transportation, transit, and security projects from the diverse funding sources available, and support you throughout the management of awarded grants to project close-out.

Our services include:

  • A grant assessment that compares your crucial projects to available Federal, State, Local, and private funding sources.
  • Grant writing that documents the project need and community benefits, project costs and cost sharing, and the strategy for using grant funds.
  • Grant management that reports on the use of funds, compliance with the grant agreement, and project milestones.
  • A-133 Audit support that documents compliance with federal administrative rules and cost principles, validation of allowable costs, MOU agreements, indirect cost itemization, Buy American Act and Davis-Bacon Act.
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Changing the Dynamics of the Rail (PDF)
- Stephen R. Galati, CGW
APTA Rail Conference,
June 12-15, 2011

TRC partners with Jacobs Engineering
to lead a panel on the Security Program Lifecycle.
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