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 Air Measurements


TRC is one of the world’s largest providers of air measurement services including source and stack testing, ambient air monitoring, ICR MACT, RATA, air toxics, trial burn testing and emissions monitoring services. Our leading technical expertise and 15 convenient geographic locations allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality services in a cost effective manner. TRC provides timely and accurate air measurement data to comply with federal, state, or local regulatory requirements or as part of engineering studies and control device evaluations.

TRC Services
  • Compliance test programs
  • Information Collection Request (ICR) testing
  • ERT submittals
  • RICE MACT Testing
  • Hazardous waste trial burns and CPTs
  • Part 75 testing and EDR submittal
  • Temporary CEMS and Relative Accuracy Test Audits
  • Performance Guarantee Testing
  • Pollution Control Device Evaluations and Engineering Studies
  • Mercury Speciation and Measurement Studies
  • Ambient Criteria and Hazardous Air Pollutant Monitoring
  • International air measurement services
Key Contact:
Jeff Burdette, Principal
P: 919.828.3150
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October 2009
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